Published: 19.05.2017
They are headed to our partners around the world to ensure compatibility with each country's specs before being mass produced. Another 50 sensors are on their way.

All the sensors are packed with:
- 3 out of 6 possible CT clamps (we are sending regular, not solar sensor)
- Three-phase electric cable for three-phase systems, power plug for a single phase system and a split-phase cable for a split-phase system
- An antenna
- An extension cord for antenn
- Mounting parts
We also created an awesome and simple installation manual which will be available online soon.
Here is a picture from assembling:
While we are making the last shipping arrangements, our engineers are updating our firmware, so our testing partners will be able to update software easy and fast.
The first 50 sensors will be shipped next week. The sensors are expected to arrive at the destination by the end of May.