Published: 06.04.2017
Well, electricity use in homes can be digitally monitored through use of a home energy monitoring system (HEMS). These devices can tell you what appliances in your house use the most energy and the cost of electricity. This information can allow you to change how you use energy and can save you money in the long run. Did you know ceiling fans are one of the largest energy hogs or just how much it costs to run a television? Home energy monitors give you the knowledge to change energy usage.
How do they work? The setup is fairly simple actually. The energy monitor is attached to the electric main in your house. Once attached, the energy use monitor can get to work. If your house already has a smart meter installed, energy monitoring software can be installed on phones and tablets to allow the consumer to read the information the smart meter collects.

A similar technology that energy companies use to record electricity use is smart meters. Instead of reading an analog meter once a month, energy companies install smart meters to read and send the electricity use on a monthly basis. This gets rid of the need for manual readings or estimated billing. The smart meter provides real time data that is useful for both balancing electric loads and reducing power outages. Smart meters also allow for dynamic pricing which lowers or raises the cost of electricity based on the current demand. Smart meters are more detailed and allow for more accurate readings of electricity use.
There is another way for the gas companies to measure electricity use in your home. It's a pay as you go method of energy use called a prepayment meter. Consumers pay for energy before they use it by adding credit to the meter. People usually will use this method to avoid going into debt each month.
Home energy monitoring will lead the way for lowering energy consumption in the modern world. The more you know about your energy consumption the more money you can save. Here at Ecoisme our goal is to save you money and energy resources. With the Ecoisme home energy monitor you can be sure that you will have the knowledge to save money and have a more efficient home.