Published: 17.10.2017
After a month of September wholly devoted to installing the first testing batch of sensors to our customers, we've started to receive testing results from all over the world.

The last ones to install sensors is Dubai Electricity and Water Authority. Our engineers spent some time with them to make sure installations went well.
Speaking about Dubai, this place has one of the highest energy consumption in the world due to constant cooling their houses and apartments. An average villa, if you ask, can consume up to 150 kW in real time. Utility bills can reach $1000 per month. Dozens of Ecoisme sensors are installed in Dubai in the completely different homes with different energy capacity and consumption.

There are other minor issues we have been working on:

- Device statistics shows incorrect results in some cases. We're now investigating the issue to fix it.
- Tips were not displayed for some devices. This issue has been already fixed.
- Maximum current, supported by Ecoisme sensor, is not enough for some private houses (we support 100A/phase in the test batch of sensors). We are fine-tuning our hardware to support bigger current (200A or even more) on the full-scale release of sensors..

We are changing our CT clamps. Breaker panels come with different shapes and configurations. We have received a lot of concerns that CT clamps sometimes don't fit to the breaker and sometimes they do not support some of the mains. That will change. Depending on the market, we will provide 100A or 200A CT clamps.

We are preparing certifications. Mass manufacturing is on its way, and we're working on preparing to it. Our electronics engineer, Oleksii Kasyan, is checking the certification requirements to make sure that the process goes smoothly.

We received $75K from Dubai's Venture Fund Turn8.
TURN8 is a venture fund comprised of a growth accelerator program complemented by a follow-on investment fund. Startup teams in TURN8 are fueled with investment, mentorship, training and year-long business development support.

We have been friends with Turn8 since we came to Dubai to participate in Dubai Future Acceleration program (that led to signing a pilot with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority).

We have received a grant from European Bank of Reconstruction and Development!
Hardware manufacturing is expensive and time-consuming. Many people think that crowdfunding like Indiegogo covers companies everything to produce the product. In fact, products are sold with a very low margin or without a margin during crowdfunding campaigns. Therefore external funding is extremely important for hardware startups to produce and ship the product. EBRD is covering us large part of cost to fine-tune and produce molding for the full-scale manufacturing (it costs over $20 000).
The beginning of October also was full of activities.

The first few days a part of our team participated at European Utility Week. We were chosen as TOP-5 startups to present on stage.

European Utility Week is the annual landmark event of the European energy calendar bringing together all significant market forces and stakeholders under one roof.
Last week we were presented by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority at GITEX Technology Week, the biggest technology exhibition in the Middle East.
World Sustainability –°ongress chose our CEO, Ivan Pasichnyk, as one of the 100 Sustainable CEOs.

World Sustainability is a Not-For-Profit Organization advocating for Sustainable Leadership. World Sustainability attempts to bring Organizations, NGO's, Public Interests Groups & Governmental Bodies to accelerate & educate on sustainable business practices & solutions for a better tomorrow.
That's it for mid-October.
Thanks for your support everyone!
Till the next update!