Published: 06.04.2017
There are around 380,900 home fires per year in the US because of the forgetfulness and neglect. But it can be fixed in a modern way.

Fire accidents in residential properties lead to loss of life and material in worrying proportions every year. For example, in 2015, there were 380,900 home fires in the United States only. This translates into at least 1000 home fires per day!

This worrying trend is partly attributed to forgetfulness that many of us grapple with. Fire specialists investigate causes of fire after every incident and there are all manner of results. However, electrical faults seem to feature in most of these cases. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, more than 57% of fires in 2015 were caused by electrical appliances.

These are the most dangerous home appliances according to a research done by "Which?"
A home energy monitoring system and a smart fire alarm system are some of best solutions, as you will find out here.

If you are making these mistakes, your home is at fire hazard too:
1) Forgetting to clean the dryer filter.
Clothes and lint are flammable. Check your filters before you start drying.

2) Leaving the lights on, when you're away.
Also, always check if your light bulbs are right for your voltage. It can cause fire too.

3) Placing heaters next to the flammable objects.
Like beds, curtains, and rugs.

4) Buying a malfunctioning home appliances.
Cheap appliances are poorly made, their insulation could be thin or improper. That can lead to inflammation.

5) Wearing out the electrical cords.
Don't let your electrical cords expose any wires.

6)Leaving meals on the stove that is on

7) Leaving iron on

These are the most common mistakes, but their actual number is bigger, meaning that it is not easy to pinpoint the cause. Popular preventative measures include regular checks, professional consultation before adding electrical equipment, proper labeling of equipment and ensuring equipment adhere to safety standards. For busy people nowadays, dealing with electrical faults can be daunting.

There are many innovative products that can help you to control and track your home activities without spending lot's of time on it.

Home Energy Monitor
Since checking the electrical system on a regular basis can be hectic, it is better to have a management system that does the work for you. Many homes across the globe are already using energy monitoring systems like Ecoisme.

Ecoisme can detect major home appliances and tell people how much energy they use on them. It can help people to take an active role in managing electric bills. When installed in the panel breaker, Ecoisme measures current and active/reactive power. If the appliance is about to break it makes the change in its electricity consumption pattern. Ecoisme can detect that and notify user that something is about to break. That prevents inflammation.

What savings does an energy monitor bring? By making you aware of the amount of power you are using, the energy monitor can help you change behavior to cut electricity and gas bills. Within the first year of using this gadget, you can realize as much as 15% savings, according to research by the Energy Saving Trust.
Smart Smoke Detectors
Timely fire detection can prevent loss of life and property. In recent years, smart fire alarms, like Ajax FireProtect have emerged and the huge uptake by property owners proves the timeliness of these devices. Manufacturers are transforming the effectiveness of detectors through wireless communication features. Furthermore, they are bundling these tools with smart home systems or mobile apps to make them smart.

What is the difference between a conventional and a smart alarm system? While the older alarm notifies you of any problem if you are around your property, a smart fire detector can signal you wherever you are, as long as your phone has internet.

Another reason you should consider getting this alarm is that it is easy to tell when it is faulty. Most manufacturers recommend a monthly test for these alarms and change batteries at least twice annually. This kind of maintenance ensures that the system does not fail when you need it most.
Consider having an indoor camera
The indoor camera can let you check for sure what's going on at home and verify it's a real fire or a just a system bug. Like Nest Indoor Cam, that helps you keep an eye on everything that matters.
Additionally, it has special activity and zone alerts, when people can receive notifications about specific rooms or a people that enter them.
House fires happen all the time and causes are varied. Stay safe and eliminate uncertainties by installing at least one of the mentioned above devices. As you install these systems, ensure that your home is sufficiently energy efficient and safer.