Published: 23.03.2017
All the components for the first 100 sensors are delivered to our R&D office in Ukraine. And today printed circuit boards and stencils were delivered to our office. So everything is ready for manufacturing!
We have finalized the type of sensors cases.We have already made molds and got 2 first test cases. It is made to make sure that the mold are produced properly. The final cases will be made from a much higher quality plastic and we'll start production shortly.
As you can see from the picture, cases have an additional hole for the antenna now. We heard concerns from many customers about the distance between the WiFi router and the breaker. As the result, we changed the Ecoisme case. Starting now, Ecoisme cases will be smaller with an additional WiFi antenna and an optional antenna extender so it could reach both sensor and WiFi in your home.
We have signed the final deal with the Ukrainian manufacturer which will assemble the sensors.

We are also finalizing the packaging design. We decided to go with this design since it's simple and reflects Ecoisme's brand and mission - simplicity. The box is small. It's actually just slightly bigger than our sensors with additional space for clamps, wires and the antenna.

And we're still accepting pre-orders on our website. So if you missed to buy one, there's right time :)