Published: 06.04.2017
It's a good time to introduce energy efficiency, sustainability and green energy to your kids.

The school year is about to start. Yet the weather will remain nice for quite a while. Since school projects and experiments are on kids' way, it's a good time to introduce energy efficiency, sustainability and green energy to your kids. Simple and fun they can be good science projects too!

These experiments will help your kids to understand how renewables work while staying entertained.

1. Wind car
The simplest project on this list.
All you need is:

1. One 8×5″ foam board with slit cut into center
2. Two 5″ long milk shake straws
3. Two 8′ long cake pop sticks
4. One 5×5″ cardstock square
5. One large craft stick
6. Four wooden wheels
7. Stickers
8. Tape

Directions suggested by Stir the Wonder are easy. Just follow the link: Wind Car
2. A solar oven to bake some potatoes
Rebecca Cofiño from Mamaguru shares one simple and incredible project with delicious treats after you make it.

Materials needed:
1. Pizza box
2. Sheet of plastic (a report cover or page protector works great)
3. Foil
4. Tape
5. A piece of study wire or a pencil

Manual: Solar Oven
3. Small wind turbine
This one is a bit more complicated, yet can last way longer than the solar oven.
Don't let the big number of supplies and tools fool you, it is fast in easy to make this turbine and your kid can take it for a science project.

Manual and supplies are on Treehugger: Wind Turbine
4. Solar Powered Lego Car
The absolutely amazing little project could be a long lasting toy. Perfect opportunity to introduce your kid to electric vehicles.
All you need is:
1. Gears and axles and a few details from Lego
2. A small 9v solar panel
3. A mini 6v motor
4. Extra strong glue

Karyn from Teach Beside Me gives very simple manual of how to create your kid a sustainable toy. Manual: Solar Powered Lego Car
5. Pop-up solar paper home
Tiny house made of paper, powered by solar energy lit by LED light. What can be more sustainable than that? Introduce your kid to passive home, place solar next to it and all toy community will live energy efficient and eco-friendly lives.

Supplies needed:
1. Pop-up paper house cut out from a 190gsm paper (you may download the pattern in the next step)
2. 2 LED, flat and bright models preferred (I used 1 Red and 1 Blue LED)
3. 14 pieces of 52mm x 6mm small solar cells
4. Some conductive ink
5. Some instant glue
6. Some copper tape
7. Elmer's glue
8. Pen cutter
9. Forceps
10. Random metal rod

Manual: Solar Powered Paper House