Published: 11.07.2017
Since our last update, we made improvements and launched new pilots.

We made our PCB smaller. From now on we are using a four-layer PCBs that allows us to place elements closer to each other. We have selected the list of components that will be used in mass-production and their quality is much better than in previous versions. This is the new iteration of our smaller PCB:
Since the PCBs are smaller, Ecoisme case will be smaller too. It will fit much better to the panel breakers around the world.

On the right is the new case prototype:
We continue to improve our firmware. Recently we released a new version of our firmware with auto-update via Internet and other fixes.

During the last months most of our first sensors have been installed in our partner's facilities. Our partners are testing them worldwide and we are gathering data and suggestions for improvement.

Here is a sneak peek of some our sensors installed worldwide:
Last week our CEO, Ivan Pasichnyk, installed and tested sensor in a home of one of our business angels and Indiegogo backers, Bas Godska. Here is an unboxing video by Bas:
And here is a picture of installed Ecoisme at his home: