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How does Ecoisme detect appliances in my home?
Each appliance has its own "fingerprint" in the current. For example, a fridge has a huge one whereas an iron is relatively small.

When the Ecoisme sensor is connected to the main wires in a breaker, it detects and recognizes devices by measuring active/reactive power and current.

Does Ecoisme detect all of the appliances in my home?
Ecoisme is able to detect most common groups of home appliances with significant power consumption, starting from 100W. All low-power items like light bulbs will be regrouped in one category.
Does Ecoisme work with solar panels?
Sure it will! Ecoisme perfectly recognizes energy produced by solar panels. Even more! Ecoisme is at its best for householders with solar energy panels.

The sensor detects what energy you use: grid or solar. When switching to an energy type, Ecoisme notifies its user. It is pretty useful, when you're overpaying even if you have solar panels, right?

Does Ecoisme work with my solar inverter?
If you have an on-grid system and your solar panels are connected to the wires in the breaker, then Ecoisme works with your inverter.
What voltage does Ecoisme support?
Ecoisme supports
- 120/240 V 60 HZ split-phase
- 120/208 V 60 HZ dual-phase
- 220-240 V 50 HZ single-phase
- 110-240/208-415 V 50/60 HZ three-phase
Does Ecoisme work in my country?
Yes, it does. Ecoisme offers one phase, three-phase and split phase sensors.
Does Ecoisme help me save energy?
Definitely! Knowing how much energy you use and by which appliance will enable you to dramatically improve your ability to save.
What happens with my data?
All data is encrypted. It is anonymously transferred to our servers, where our algorithms detect appliances and drafts recommendations for you.
Will Ecoisme work with other IoT solutions?
Of course, Ecoisme will have an open API and support most popular IoT-protocols. The integration process will be started in early 2019.
How does Ecoisme connect with my electrical grid?
Ecoisme connects to your electrical grid with CT clamps. The number of clamps varies depending on how many phases your home has.
Are there any special tips for solar panel owners?
Yes, in fact, Ecoisme will tell you when it is better to sell or to use the electricity you are producing with your solar panels.

Depending of your local energy rates and consumption preferences, Ecoisme will help identify what are the best options for you.
How is Ecoisme connected to my electrical system?
No cuts are needed. Ecoisme is connected with contactless CT clamps that go around your main wires.
Can I pre-order Ecoisme?
Of course, you can! Please visit our pre-order page:
We will contact you when your sensor is ready!
Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do! We ship around the world, wherever you are. Except in space, although our delivery guy wishes that he could deliver you your Ecoisme sensor up there.
How can I change my order?
- If your order isn't shipped, you can change it in your account on our website.
- If we have already shipped it to you, contact us at as soon as possible and our team will take care of it.
- If you have difficulties finding your order, please contact or text us to website chat.
What is the warranty policy?
Ecoisme comes with a warranty of one year, effective from the date of delivery.
If something goes wrong or if the sensor fails to live up to your expectations, Ecoisme will either
- repair/replace any defective device
- accept the return of the hardware and refund the purchaser
How can I return Ecoisme and get a refund?
Contact us at with the subject line: RETURN AND REFUND.

Please kindly specify the reason for the return. Our manager will contact you and arrange the refund.
Are there additional shipping costs?
We are shipping worldwide, however shipping prices are different based on your location. See the prices below.
EU: 20 USD
Canada: 25 USD
The rest of the world: 40 USD
The calculations are made by our logistics partner.
Where can I find a User Guide?
Do I need help from a professional electrician?
We do recommend you to install Ecoisme with the help of certified electrician.

Installing Ecoisme is easy and doesn't require any cuts. However, it's installed in the are with high voltage. We recommend you to read all the recommendations in our installation manual at

In any case, feel free to write to our support team through our website. They will assist you with a step by step installation.
How to install the Ecoisme app?
Please, visit our iOS and Android stores to download it.
When downloaded, your smartphone will automatically install it.